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  • Level II Handgun Handling Class

Level II Handgun Handling Class                      

Minimum No:  6        Maximum:  12

ACCEPTABLE PREREQUISITES:  Smoking Gun Introduction to Handguns; NRA Basic Handgun Phase 1 and / or Phase 2; SD Enhanced Concealed Carry Class taught by Smoking Gun; other prior training with approval of the Director of Training.

Description:  The Level II Handgun Handling Class will start with a review and discussion of the Four Primary Safety Rules.  Following will be a brief review of the Basic Fundamentals.

The Instructors will discuss the proper methods of skill development using Dry Fire

Exercises. The class will practice the Basic Fundamentals using the Dry Fire Techniques.   Students will then practice the draw from the holster and presentation of the firearm to the target.  With unloaded firearms the students will practice loading and unloading the firearm using dummy ammunition.  The next exercise will be the clearance of malfunctions.  Approximately 90 minutes will be devoted to classroom activity and the students will then move to the range to perform the exercises with live ammunition.  Range time will be 3 to 4 hours.

Equipment needed: a modern, safe handgun suitable for personal defense; a holster that is designed to fit the handgun; a belt that will support the holster and handgun; a carrier for magazines or speed loaders.  NO 44 mags, 454 Casule, 460 S&W, 500 S&W or any handgu in a rifle caliber.

Eye and ear protection.

Ammunition:  200 rounds of ammunition; no reloads – new commercial manufacture only.   No steel jacket or steel insert bullets. 


No refunds are offered on course purchases.  If an attendee can not make it to the course, we can reschedule the attendee for the same course within the next 12 months after purchase.

Smoking Gun reserves the rights to cancel a course at any time.  If a course is cancelled by the Smoking Gun, we will refund the entire course cost back to you.  Smoking Gun is not liable for any cost incurred by the attendee because of a course cancellation.  All attendees will be contacted via email if there is a cancellation.  Please check your email prior to the course.


Level II Handgun Handling Class

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