Advanced Handgun - 1

12-27-2020 08:00am -12:00pm

The “Advanced Handgun 1” course is designed to introduce you to or
reinforce critical tools and techniques that can enhance the opportunity to
win a deadly force encounter. Whether your role is protection of self and
family, protection of the community that you serve, or simply the student
who knows that you can never stop learning, you can benefit from this
course. It is designed to help us start shifting our thinking from the range to
the street.

In this course you will learn, among other things, how to respond to threats
that come from the side or behind. We will also cover how to stay in the
fight if you only have one hand to use for shooting due to injury or children
in tow. We will look at how to see your world in a clearer way. We will talk
about a typical body reaction to an attack that is unfolding and why violent
criminals don’t want us to know this. We will spend time with a ready
position that allows us to look around without muzzling innocent

This course is taught by a seasoned Front Sight Range Master. Art Radlicki
is an instructor who has decades of experience in teaching others in the
use of firearms. Whether that instruction was for defense, hunting, or just
safe recreational shooting, students have enjoyed his non ‘drill instructor’
approach to teaching. Art has said, “Effective learning happens best in a
safe, structured, but enjoyable atmosphere.”

The student must be solidly familiar with the safe operation of their firearm
and of basic firearms safety in order to benefit from or participate in this course.

Shooting Range Waiver

Shooting Range Waiver