The Friday Night Gunfight

Organized matches are a great opportunity to interact with local area competition shooters in the Safe, Fun, Fast and Dynamic sport of practical shooting.   The competitive shooting format is not only a great way to progress toward a higher skill level but also a means to increase your confidence level with your firearm.  Experienced shooters and range officers will guide shooters of all skill levels through the stages.  New shooters will have the opportunity to progress at their own pace under direct supervision while also being exposed to a variety of techniques, guns and gear.  Developing, improving and maintaining practical pistol skills is the goal and your competition scores are a simple and effective way to measure  your progress.  Matches normally consist of 2 competition style stages and or drills that stress the Safe use of handguns in a variety of practical shooting applications.  The rules, practices and procedures of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) are the format to be used for the match structure, equipment requirements and conduct of matches.

Minimum Equipment required to participate includes:

  • A safe and serviceable center fire handgun. Most modern semi-auto production pistols in 9mm, 40S&W or .45 ACP will be acceptable. Please see the USPSA rules for more details at
  • An outside the waistband holster that fully encloses the handguns trigger.
  • 3-4 magazines and magazine pouches
  • A sturdy holster belt.
  • Eye and ear protection. 

To learn more stop by the range to watch a match or better yet sign up and come to the range prepared to challenge yourself and really get proficient with your firearm.  The best part of the experience will be meeting great like minded people and having a lot of fun doing it all.



In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, the shoot will be held the next available Friday night.No refunds are offered on course purchases.  If an attendee can not make it to the course, we can reschedule the attendee for the same course within the next 12 months after purchase.

Smoking Gun reserves the rights to cancel a course at any time.  If a course is cancelled by the Smoking Gun, we will refund the entire course cost back to you.  Smoking Gun is not liable for any cost incurred by the attendee because of a course cancellation.  All attendees will be contacted via phone call if there is a cancellation.  Please check your voicemail prior to the course.

Event Properties

Event Date 01-07-2022 05:30pm
Available place 25
Cut off date 01-07-2022 05:30pm
Individual Price $15.00

Shooting Range Waiver

Shooting Range Waiver

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