If you are new to handguns this is the class for you.  If you want to purchase a handgun but don’t have the knowledge to make the best decision about your need, this class will give the pros and cons of a variety of handguns so you can know what will work best for your purpose.

An Introduction to Handguns is a four hour course.  The first two hours will be conducted in the classroom and will include a power point presentation which covers:

Safety – the universally accepted four basic rules of firearm safety, and the essential application of those rules; preparation of a Home Safety Plan.

Types of firearms with specifics about various mechanisms and which would be most suitable for your specific needs; nomenclature of handgun types, the various parts and features of the respective handguns; the balance of size, weight, concealability and simplicity of operation.

Upon completion of the classroom lecture and discussion, each student will have the opportunity to handle and examine the various firearms.  After picking  two handguns the student will do exercises in the classroom to provide familiarity and ease of operation.  The student will then participate in exercises that help the student mentally organize the information from the class room lectures and discussion into the methods of actually manipulating and firing the handgun.

After the student exercises in the classroom the students will move to the indoor range where a live fire drill will be conducted to let the students experience the recoil, sound and control features of the various firearms.  If the student brings a personally owned handgun it can be used in the live fire segment.  If the student does not have a handgun rental guns will be available.

At the end of the class a debriefing will be conducted in the classroom to help each student evaluate his or her comfort level and to determine the next appropriate class.  There will NOT be a test at the conclusion of the class.

The final portion of the class will be a brief discussion of advance classes, which would lend guidance to the next level of development and perfection of your skills. Further, the instructor will provide information about other training opportunities provided by the Smoking Gun Range Facility. 

Equipment:  Eye & ear protection, a ball cap with a bill, your handgun, or you can use one of our rentals, appropriate ammunition for the handgun.  A holster is not required for this course.

No refunds are offered on course purchases.  If an attendee can not make it to the course, we can reschedule the attendee for the same course within the next 12 months after purchase.

Smoking Gun reserves the rights to cancel a course at any time.  If a course is cancelled by the Smoking Gun, we will refund the entire course cost back to you.  Smoking Gun is not liable for any cost incurred by the attendee because of a course cancellation.  All attendees will be contacted via email if there is a cancellation.  Please check your email prior to the course.

Event Properties

Event Date 12-10-2021 05:00pm
Available place 3
Cut off date 12-10-2021 05:00pm
Individual Price $150.00
Location Smoking Gun Directions
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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Shooting Range Waiver

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